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    • Total Energy Management

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      The sustainable way to reduce operating costs

      As the cost of energy continues to rise, the importance of realizing overall efficiency gains (measured in kW/kg of resin processed) has never been more important to injection molders. Integrating process service technologies with leading-edge building technologies is the key to realizing long-term sustainable cost savings with the additional benefits of maintaining a robust and consistent process services infrastructure and conserving valuable resources for future generations.

    • Husky’s total energy management program uses a holistic approach to achieve a continuous and sustainable energy reduction in an injection molding operation.

      Husky’s total energy management nine-step program:
      1. Understanding where and how much energy is used
      2. Understanding when energy is used
      3. Monitoring and Targeting (M&T)
      4. Data analysis
      5. Reporting energy KPIs (energy dashboard) by department
      6. Identify, quantify and prioritize opportunities
      7. Implementation of selected energy reduction projects
      8. Conduct internal and external benchmarking
      9. Repeat the steps – continuous improvement

      Phase 1 – Development and implementation of steps one through six and steps eight and nine. Husky’s optimization team spends one to two weeks in your facility measuring and analyzing existing information and setting up the necessary infrastructure to maintain a successful energy management program. A summary presentation, findings report, action plan and proposal is included, as well as energy measurements on selected equipment within the plant.

      Phase 2 – Implementation of the projects identified in Phase 1.

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