Expert Husky services designed to optimize operational excellence

    • Comprehensive Operational Assessment

    • A comprehensive plant and operational assessment is an ideal way for molders to improve overall manufacturing efficiencies and reduce operational costs. The assessment identifies, quantifies and prioritizes opportunities for improvement within the entire manufacturing operation and manufacturing facility with a focus on the operational infrastructure.

      Assessment of operations, infrastructure and injection molding machines are typically the initial step towards the development of high standard injection molding factories, especially for customers who want to evaluate and improve overall existing operations.

      Husky’s assessment provides:
      • Quantified and prioritized list of opportunities for improvement, as well as budgetary estimates for the investments required to accomplish them
      • Five to seven year equipment replacement strategy that specifies (if any) optimal times to replace equipment and what technology is recommended
      • Part cost analysis and calculations, including the effects that recommended improvements have on part cost
      • Performance documentation and evaluation on key representative systems, determining the requirements for optimizing processes
      • Evaluation of plant energy consumption and identification of improvement opportunities
      • Evaluation of the infrastructure to support existing processes and determination of possible upgrades required to reduce operating costs and support growth
      • Benchmarks on key performance indicators, comparing the customer to Best in Class manufacturers
      • Proposal for implementation of the improvement opportunities identified, including other Husky services such as Shotscope™ NX and Pro-Act™

      Although results vary from plant to plant, savings identified typically fall within 10-30% of operating costs.

      How the process works

      Husky optimization engineers lead you through a series of activities to collect and evaluate relevant data and define areas of focus for the business such as: operational effectiveness, energy reduction and energy management, tooling standards, machine layout, plant operating procedures, production monitoring systems, process infrastructure and automation.

      Following a structured approach that includes several assessment worksheets and activity checklists, Husky’s team ensures an impartial opinion of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the business and factory. Quantitative aspects of plant performance such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and scrap rates are calculated based on data collected. Qualitative areas such as safety, infrastructure, environment and equipment conditions are assessed based on the observations and experience of Husky’s optimization team.

      An assessment team from Husky’s Manufacturing Advisory Services group spends one week in the facility interviewing key people, measuring and analyzing existing processes and operations, comparing metrics to performance benchmarks and establishing potential operational savings.

      The assessment concludes with a summary presentation, report of findings and recommendations and an action plan and proposal for the implementation of the recommended improvements.

      *Information collected during the assessment is held in strict confidence

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