Aftermarket Services

Value-added services to increase system performance, uptime and reliability

    • Proactive maintenance to improve availability, performance and production quality

    • Tuning and calibrating your injection molding machine once a year can help maintain performance. Pro-Act™ is our flexible, dual-level proactive maintenance program designed to ensure maximum performance, reduce unplanned downtime and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

      Why proactive maintenance?
      • Maintain like-new condition of your injection molding machine
      • One hour of proactive maintenance can offset up to five hours of reactive and emergency downtime
      • Addressing root cause issues is less expensive than cost of replacing parts and downtime
      • Reduced spare part costs
      • OEE improvements translate into a faster return on investment
      Pro-Act is available in two service levels
      Level 1 – Tuning and calibration service
      Husky technicians perform an annual machine assessment and calibration. Other features include:
      • Tuning, calibration and verification seal
      • Machine voltage and power measurements
      • Visual and functional safety checks
      • Post-visit report
      • Annual dashboard report (spend analysis)
      • Options include:
        • Advanced Diagnostics
        • Consumable parts package
        • System geometric correction
        • Analysis of historical data
        • Block of Husky technician time at a reduced rate
        • Customized management of spare parts inventory
      Level 2 – Semi-annual maintenance service
      Level 2 is focused on optimizing your machine for improved performance. Husky technicians perform both semi-annual and annual maintenance on your machine.
      • Includes all Level 1 program standard features plus options, including:
      • PM Consumables parts package
      • Geometric correction
      • Semi-annual maintenance:
      • Pre and post-visit analysis and discussion
      • One block of technician time
      • Options include:
        • Quarterly maintenance
        • Advanced diagnostics
        • Oil particle analysis
        • Field mentoring of customer personnel
        • Customized spare parts packages
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