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Why risk anything less than OEM quality? Through our global parts network, your genuine OEM Husky Injection Molding parts can be ordered 24/7 and shipped quickly—including flash shipments and overnight delivery (with some exceptions)—through our spare parts portal. With Husky, you get the right parts at the right time, every time. And we’ll answer your parts quote request email within 24 hours.

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Essential Parts Packages

Husky is committed to ensuring that your production does not experience extended downtime while you’re waiting for parts. By leveraging Husky’s unique database of service knowledge, we recently developed a new analytics tool that can build a production-sustainability parts kit tailored to your installed base. These kits contain the critical machine parts that are most likely to affect your production performance. We identify these critical parts based on failure rate analysis and Husky experience. Be sure to have only the right parts on your shelves.

With thousands of systems in the field, Husky acquires real-time failure data. By combining your inventory level and our unique database, we are able to optimize your stock and provide you with relevant recommendations, such as:

  • Obsolete parts identification
  • Tailored Essential Parts Packages for your install base and your current inventory
  • Parts that are the most likely to fail in the near future

Find out what you could save in lost production and profit by stocking up on essential Husky replacement parts.

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Repair Service

A proper maintenance plan coupled with genuine Husky OEM parts will help you maximize your production at the lowest cost. Avoid the temptation to reduce costs by purchasing non-OEM parts—it’s risky and can cause expensive repairs and unplanned system downtime. Our Spare Parts Repair Service takes care of the complete parts repair process using only genuine OEM repair shops. Our top priority is minimizing your efforts and costs—and ensuring that your parts are repaired to the highest quality standards.

Learn about a complete overhaul of your existing parts to ensure “like new” performance.

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Example preventive maintenance kits from Husky

Preventive Maintenance Kits

It’s a fact. Customers who strictly follow Husky maintenance recommendations have less system downtime. Regular preventive maintenance is critical to ensuring maximum productivity. Even one blocked cavity can have a significant impact on your bottom line. By using genuine Husky OEM parts and Preventive Maintenance Kits in your production, you can minimize low part quality and maintain the highest levels of functioning cavities. 

Regular preventive maintenance of PET hot runners is critical to ensuring maximum productivity.

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