Husky’s Industry 4.0 Solution, Shotscope™4.0

Husky’s integrated Real Time Plant Monitoring Software allows your team to transform your production and process data to ensure your teams can improve efficiencies and decrease downtimes to remain competitive.

With Shotscope™4.0, you’ll have access to all the data from the silo all the way down the part handling equipment.

  • Plan - Your production
  • Track – Your performance
  • Analyze – Your availability
  • Act – When improvements are needed

Shotscope™4.0 – Flexible, Virtual & Real-Time

Husky’s industry 4.0 software has the industries best in class 3rd party data collector that allows you connect to the entire process of pellet to part for a snap shot of the entire process.

Why Shotscope™4.0?
Flexible Content
View Shotscope™4.0 on any device
Virtual Server
View Shotscope™4.0 from any location
Real Time Data
Shotscope™4.0 delivers impactful data

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