UltraSync-E Technology

100% valve stem synchronization to reduce part variability and risk

    • UltraSync-E is ideal for consistent part filling, excellent gate quality and close nozzle spacing

    • Molders producing precision components require reliable hot runners that can manufacture high quality parts with minimal variability. Our UltraSync-E technology offers shot-to-shot and part-to-part consistency through precise stem closing and is ideally suited for cleanroom applications.

      The superior accuracy of UltraSync-E™ is achieved with 100% synchronization of the valve stems, moved by an electric servo motor. The system is configured to provide the right stem force to achieve excellent gate quality.

      • Ideal solution for medical, technical and high precision, small parts
      • Minimum nozzle spacing of 18 mm (0.71”)
      • UltraSync-E technology is compatible with Ultra 350, Ultra 500 and Ultra 750 valve gate hot runner nozzles
      • Unique plate actuation mechanism requires limited maintenance – all moving components run on roller bearings
    • husky-hot-runners-ultrasync-tight-pitch
      Our UltraSync-E hot runner provides the technology to directly impact gate quality and is an ideal solution for molding medical components in a cleanroom environment.
      • Servo control module integrated into Altanium temperature controller
      • Reduced amount of floor space required
      • Easy set-up from a single screen
      • Includes a safe start-up program that prohibits stem actuation if the hot runner is not up to set-point temperature
      • Eliminates potential damage to the system due to operator error

      In addition to the electric actuated UltraSync-E hot runner, we also offer hydraulic and pneumatic options.

    • UltraSync-H

      UltraSync-H™ is our hydraulic plate actuation solution that has been designed to run with a hydraulic power pack to actuate the plate and stems. This reduces shutheight with the potential for a smaller mold base than with UltraSync-E.


      UltraSync-P™ provides pneumatic plate actuation technology that addresses cleanroom compatibility issues associated with hydraulic solutions. It also offers a minimized shutheight and a 40% increase in stem force compared to small individual pneumatic pistons.