Optimized injection molding solutions delivering high-quality medical parts

    • Providing high-quality tooling and systems for a complete medical molding solution

    • Our optimized injection molding systems deliver consistent, high quality plastic medical parts while providing superior shot-to-shot consistency and part-to-part repeatability. Providing both the machine and the Schöttli mold results in an integrated, optimized system that provides the highest levels of overall performance, as well as improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance.

      Hylectric®machines can be customized for the medical market and have the cleanest hybrid clamp in the industry. Dual seal technology and an oil recovery system on the clamp and injection unit hydraulic circuits contribute to a clean molding environment.

      Our hot runner solutionsallow for the molding of engineering resins that are used in many of today’s medical applications. We have the experience and expertise to help you reliably manufacture products ranging from one gram to greater than 100 grams.

      Hylectric 600