Optimized injection molding solutions delivering high-quality medical parts

    • Providing high-quality tooling and systems for a complete medical molding solution

    • Schöttli®’s medical mold design improves productivity and product quality by focusing on function and weight-optimized parts, with leading-edge reliability, efficiency and durability. Schöttli® has vast experience in developing molds for the most complex applications, with state-of-the-art tools and an extensive validation process.

      Schöttli® medical molds offer:

      • Stack mold technology for maximum productivity
      • Schöttli® quick change system to minimize downtime and increase availability of your mold
      • Schöttli® compact cluster design – lateral, symmetrical gating allows for significant material savings with increased product quality on confined space
      • Electric ejector drives suitable for cleanroom molding and stack molds
      • Schöttli® pin protection system for risk mitigation
      • Mold alignment technology to ensure ongoing reliability in running processes
      • Special materials and coating technology to meet a variety of legislative requirements