HyCAP Systems

Fully integrated beverage closure manufacturing solutions that maximize productivity

    • Complete turnkey systems optimized for high output beverage closure manufacturing

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      Husky’s HyCAP™ system incorporates proven injection molding technology to help beverage closure manufacturers achieve industry-leading levels of productivity. Our fully integrated HyCAP system delivers up to 8% faster cycle times and up to 3% energy savings versus previous generations, while delivering reliable performance and improved part quality. Working with Husky as a single source provider ensures the lowest possible risk backed by the industry’s largest global support network.

    • HyCAP leverages proven technologies from Husky’s industry-leading PET preform manufacturing systems to create a closure manufacturing solution that offers:
      • Reliability
      • Repeatability
      • Ease of use
      • Maximum levels of productivity


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      The latest generation HyCAP system offers numerous improvements over previous generations, including:
      • System level integration
      • Improved part quality
      • Faster cycle times
      • Energy saving features
      • Improved uptime and reduced maintenance
      • Ease of operation with intelligent Mold ID to simplify operation
      • Backwards compatibility with legacy tooling