H-PET AE (All-Electric) Systems

Lower risk, higher return on investment for lower volume preform manufacturing

    • Complete turnkey workcell optimized to increase quality, reduce waste and lower energy consumption

    • Husky’s H-PET™ All-Electric (AE) system is an efficient, affordable solution for lower volume preform production with no compromise in quality. Our H-PET AE™ system is available in a range of configurations to match lower volume output and application needs. These combined benefits allow H-PET AE to provide the best return on investment and the lowest investment risk if you are entering into or expanding your presence in the beverage packaging market.

      H-PET AE systems deliver:
      • Proven, reliable design and technology
      • Efficient, quiet, low maintenance solution
      • Up to three stages of post-mold cooling
      • Optimized standard auxiliary package for a complete workcell infrastructure
      • Full integration through Polaris Control