HyCAP Systems

Fully integrated beverage closure manufacturing solutions that maximize productivity

    • Husky beverage closure molds are designed for high speed, high cavitation, high volume applications

    • husky-ktw-mold-beverage-2

      Husky’s closure mold design improves productivity by minimizing the risk of unexpected downtime and enabling quick and easy maintenance. The mold incorporates specific features to provide easy set-up and mold longevity while eliminating the need for sensors to monitor trapped parts and slide positioning.

      Husky closure molds offer:
      • A robust and simple one-piece slide design that eliminates the risk of misalignment collisions, resulting in higher uptime
      • Optional Mold ID for on-demand recall of:
        • Process recipes for quicker start-ups
        • Cycle history by mold plate for enhanced maintenance management
      • Integrated water manifolds to simplify connections and ensure consistent flow to every cavity
      • Energy Savings Package hot runner design that features robust performance of Ultra hot runner platform with reduced energy consumption
      • Industry-leading color change performance leveraging optimized melt channel sizing and nozzle tip design to minimize dead spots