Introducing HyPET® HPP5

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Because you have no time for downtime

Husky’s all new self-cleaning technology helps eliminate hundreds of hours of mold maintenance a year,
while reducing the risk of damage to the mold and making the cleaning process safer.

All-new self-cleaning technology

Husky’s self-cleaning mold
technology helps to eliminate
hundreds of hours of mold
maintenance a year.

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Barrier module for

New high performance multi-layer co-injection
module can offer up to 50% savings on barrier
material costs, making HyPET® HPP5 the
industry’s most capable injection molding
system, delivering precise amounts of barrier
material to ensure product safety of sensitive
foods and beverages.

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Best-in-class technology
and performance

The most complete and integrated injection molding system
for preform manufacturing on the market today.

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More freedom in
application design

HyPET® HPP5 offers more freedom in application
design and the ability to lightweight even
the most challenging preforms.

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Flexibility and scalability

Designed with the needs of customers with a
large installed base of tooling in mind,
HyPET® HPP5 offers customers the ability
to utilize molds from previous generation products.

The industry’s first
integrated solution for
extended mold life

Prolong the life of your mold and reduce regular
maintenance intervals with the latest technology
available on the HyPET® HPP5.

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Improved ease of use

The latest HyPET® HPP5 is much more sophisticated,
with software and hardware that has been designed
to work together seamlessly.

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Even better performance

With packages that offer more control and even more
performance for applications with wider neck diameters.

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All 360° of HyPET® HPP5

Cross generation mold compatibility

Fully compatible with HyPET® or newer generation molds. Integrated GPET compatibility packages


Up to 12% decrease in cycle time, depending on application

Tooling Life

Native tooling will last up to 10 million cycles without excessive wear or flash

Ease of Use

New HMI improves convenience of system. Altanium™ controller increase troubleshooting ability

Fully integrated systems

Improved integration of auxiliary equipment improves efficiency during both start-up and operation

Part Quality

Reduced variability and increased part quality

Lightweighting capabilities

More freedom in application design and the ability to lightweight even the most challenging preforms


More flexibility in the parting line placement, which contributes to a better looking package


Increase the energy efficiency of your work cell with the new dryer and Coolpik dehumidification unit

Increased uptime

Quick Mold Change option, reducing cold half change time by 75%




More than 35 years of industry leadership

Husky has been the leader in the preform manufacturing equipment industry for over 35 years with more than 4,000 systems running in the field. Find out why by downloading the preform manufacturing solution brochure

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Lightweighting Opportunities