Husky has concluded its first ever Husky World Tour 2013. Over the course of the year, the tour included more than 15 events in nine different countries and saw more than 600 companies attend. Thank you to all those who attended and helped to make this tour a success!




Beverage Packaging Conference - Korea

January 16, 2013 – Husky’s Korea Beverage Packaging Day was attended by more than 100 customers and over 50 companies. Learn more >

Specialty Closure Conference - Austria

April 16-17, 2013 – Business leaders from throughout the packaging industry gathered from more than 20 different countries. Learn more >

Beverage Packaging Conference - Luxembourg

September 12, 2013 – Held at its EMEA headquarters in Dudelange, Luxembourg the event showcased Husky’s broad range of solutions for preform and closure manufacturing.Learn more >

Specialty Closure Conference – Shanghai

November 5, 2013 – Attendees visited Husky’s Shanghai Technical Center to learn about the latest technology and innovations the company has to offer for specialty closure manufacturing.

Beverage Packaging Conference – India

August 29, 2013 – Leaders gathered from throughout the region to learn about Husky’s solutions for preform and closure manufacturing.

Hot Runner and Controller Conference – Milton, Vermont

November 19-20, 2013 – More than 60 customers attended this two-day event that was hosted in both English and French.

Specialty Closures Conference – Brazil

September 24, 2013 – More than 60 attendees from close to 40 different companies gathered at Husky’s technical center in Jundai, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

South American Beverage Packaging Conference - Brazil

May 14, 2013 – More than 130 business leaders representing over 70 different companies gathered to learn about the latest innovations and challenges in the beverage packaging industry. Learn more >

Caps & Closures Conference - Bolton, Canada

June 11-12, 2013 – Husky’s Bolton Caps and Closures Conference was attended by more than 85 business leaders from around the world. Learn more >

Hot Runners Conference - Chicago, USA

June 25, 2013 – Industry leaders learned about how Husky is working with customers to improve mold performance by reducing variability. Learn more >

Beverage Packaging Conference - Istanbul, Turkey

June 19, 2013 – More than 60 industry leaders attended to gain insight into where Husky is working to reduce variability, minimize waste and improve the total cost to produce in customer operations. Learn more >
Hot Runners
São Paulo
March 28,2013
Customer Feedback
  • “I thought Husky’s Caps and Closures Conference was a very useful event that provided a clear update on the industry. The networking opportunities allowed me to connect with other attendees to discuss the issues we all face every day,” said Tom Pisca, Technical Manager for Aptar in Wisconsin. “You really came away understanding that Husky is more than just a supplier. They are committed to finding solutions that help customers reduce waste and want to work together to help us solve our manufacturing challenges.”

  • “I always participate in Husky events. As usual everything was excellent, from how they set up the day to make customers feel welcome to the content of the presentations, which were very informative. This is a good opportunity for networking in the plastics industry,” said Geraldo Ferraz, Plant Manager of Frompet.

  • “Similar to all other events they host, Husky should be congratulated for the organization, hospitality and presentations,” said Leandro Scomparim, Director of Lorenpet. “For those of us who are Husky customers, it is very important to obtain information regarding updates in the plastic industry, and also on Husky’s products.”

Photos of Husky World Tour 2013


Each event on the Husky World Tour is tailored to the specific needs of customers in our core markets, focusing on the different solutions we offer to reduce variability, improve part cost and increase productivity.


With multiple events spanning the globe, we are showcasing our technologies directly to customers, while creating a platform for ongoing conversations about how we can help solve our customers’ biggest challenges.


We are dedicated to our customers’ success by introducing innovations that continually improve customer value. The Husky World Tour allows us to introduce these solutions faster, giving customers more direct access to our latest technologies at a local level.

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