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    • Husky has a solution for any application at K 2016

      Company returns to globally debut two new complete integrated closure systems

      Release 2016-08-29

      BOLTON, Ontario - Husky Injection Molding Systems, a leading industrial technology provider to the plastics processing community, today announced that it will exhibit at K 2016 (October 19 – 26, 2016, Düsseldorf, Germany). Husky’s booth (A61, Hall 13) will showcase the company’s complete range of solutions and services for the beverage packaging, closures, medical, personal care, home care, consumer electronics and automotive markets.

      “Husky’s participation at K 2016 is our opportunity to really showcase the diversity of the markets we serve, and demonstrate how we help customers optimize production and increase their speed to market,” said John Galt, Husky’s Chief Executive Officer. “We work closely with our customers to get a true appreciation of what drives their business and the technologies we’re showing at K 2016 reflects this partnership. I’m excited to speak to customers about how our new Multi-layer Barrier Technology is unlocking the potential for conversions from alternative packaging to PET, and to demonstrate the industry’s first fully integrated, and most energy efficient systems for beverage and specialty closure molding. The melt-delivery systems we are showcasing are tailored for the automotive and medical markets, so that customers from across sectors will find the right solutions for their production needs on our booth.”

      Global debut of two completely integrated closure molding systems

      At K 2016 Husky will be globally debuting two new systems, including its recently launched HyCAP™ 4 system for beverage closure molding, as well as a revolutionary new fully integrated solution for the manufacture of specialty closures. HyCAP™ 4 is an integrated solution where mold, machine and auxiliaries are built to work together to deliver improved productivity, better energy efficiency and enhanced ease of use. The HyCAP™ 4 system will run a 1.25 gram 29/25 closure for a mineral water application at a 2.4 second cycle time. The specialty closure system will produce a 6.1 gram flip-top closure for a shampoo bottle application running a cycle time of under 8.5 seconds. The fully integrated eIMC in-mold closing technology provides more precise control during molding to enable better part quality, while providing a more than 20% cycle time improvement.

      Multi-layer Barrier technology opening doors for PET packaging

      As a leader and pioneer in PET preform manufacturing, Husky works to develop best-in-class solutions that take the capability of injection molding technology for PET preforms to exciting new levels. Well-known for its complete range of fully integrated injection molding solutions for all volumes and applications, Husky’s exhibit will highlight the vast range of packages that can now be manufactured in PET. Featured will be an experience center showcasing Husky’s Multi-layer Barrier technology, including examples of existing converted applications, as well as revolutionary possibilities for future applications. Introduced in 2015, Husky’s Multi-layer Barrier technology is built on the company’s industry-leading HyPET™ HPP5 platform, combining the benefits of a robust, high performing and easy-to-maintain system with the capability to precisely dose the barrier layer. The technology has seen positive acceptance in the market, offering tremendous opportunity to explore PET as a packaging material for products requiring enhanced barrier properties that are traditionally packaged in materials such as glass, carton and aluminum.

      Medical part molding with increased precision

      As a recent winners of Becton Dickinson’s Process Innovation Supplier of the Year Award, Husky will be showcasing its precision solutions for plastic medical applications. The 2013 acquisition of leading medical mold maker Schöttli™ has strengthened Husky’s capability to provide molds for high-precision, high-quality medical parts. On its booth Husky will be displaying various target parts, as well as Schöttli medical molds capable of producing high-quality parts with reduced variability and a minimal amount of risk to ensure safer devices for end-users.

      Hot runner technologies targeted at medical and automotive molding

      Husky will also be showcasing its latest hot runner and controller technologies for medical and automotive applications. A highlight will include an ongoing demonstration of the all-new Altanium™ Servo Control technology, which enables precise temperature and valve stem motion control to produce superior parts and improve operational efficiency through intuitive process set up and advanced troubleshooting. Ideal for medical part molding, Husky will be demonstrating its Ringier Award winning Ultra Helix Valve Gate nozzles that provide gate quality that looks as clean as an ejector pin mark, lasts for millions of cycles, and is easier for mold makers to integrate into their designs. Also showcased will be the newest automotive solutions, including UNIFY™ pre-assembled manifolds, as well as the LUCENT™ angled manifold, designed for automotive lenses.

        About HuskyHusky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. is a leading global supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. The company has more than 40 service and sales offices, supporting customers in over 100 countries. Husky’s manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, China, India and the Czech Republic.

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