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    • Everything you ever wanted to know about plastic injection molding in one place at Chinaplas 2016

      Release 2016-04-22

       BOLTON, Ontario   -   Husky Injection Molding Systems, a leading industrial technology provider to the plastics processing community, today announced that it will exhibit at Chinaplas 2016 (April 25-28, Shanghai). Husky’s booth (E3F01) will showcase the company’s complete range of solutions and services for the beverage packaging, closures, medical, packaging, consumer electronics and automotive industries.

      “China is a very important market for Husky and we look forward to connecting with customers and prospects from the region. At this year’s Chinaplas we are highlighting the diverse range of markets that we serve and the innovative solutions that we offer,” said Jack Truong, President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are a company that is always thinking about the next trend, whether consumer or manufacturing driven. Our goal is to develop novel injection molding solutions that help our customers capitalize on new opportunities. Husky is bringing a team of experts from around the world to Chinaplas, ready to have meaningful discussions about the latest global and regional trends and to present the new technologies and applications we offer to help plastics processors grow their businesses.”

      PET preform molding solutions for all applications and volumes

      With best-in-class technology developed to support an evolving industry, Husky has taken the capability of injection molding technology for PET preforms to exciting new levels. Working with some of the world’s leading brands and processors, Husky has introduced manufacturing innovations that make PET a much more cost-effective packaging alternative to carton, glass and aluminum. The company offers a complete range of fully integrated injection molding solutions that include machine, mold, hot runner and auxiliaries. The benefit of this integrated system approach allows for seamless operation and production of high-quality preforms at extremely fast cycles, while still providing reliable, consistent performance with minimal scrap. Husky’s exhibit at Chinaplas will highlight the vast range of applications that can now be manufactured in PET.

      Closure molding solutions that improve part quality and product safety

      As food safety becomes an increasingly important global topic, Husky aims to offer manufacturing solutions that ensure a safer and more efficient package. Building on the company’s industry-leading PET preform molding systems, Husky offers fully integrated systems for the manufacture of beverage closures to help manufacturers achieve industry-leading levels of productivity with improved part quality. Having a deep understanding of the relationship between bottle, neck finish and closure positions Husky as a leading supplier to the beverage packaging industry. Today, Husky’s capability for closures is equally strong in flip-top, sports caps, pouch fitments, edible oil, carton and detergent closures, with the company able to design and manufacture tooling and systems for a large variety of beverage and specialty closure applications. Husky is investing in the advanced science of closure manufacturing, allowing the company to offer optimized part designs that provide premium shelf differentiation and to support customers in bringing products to market faster, with less investment risk

      Medical part molding with increased precision

      China has made numerous investments in recent years to strengthen health care and health care regulations in the region. Husky’s 2013 acquisition of leading medical mold maker Schöttli® has strengthened the company’s capability to provide molds for high-precision, high-quality medical parts. Schöttli’s capability to reduce part variability and deliver precision manufacturing helps to ensure a safer device for end-users. An example of this productivity is Schöttli’s stack mold technology. Schöttli stack molds use two mold-parting surfaces within a single mold to double the output, while the precision of speed and force with electrical drives minimize the risk of damage and premature wear on the mold.

      Hot runner technologies focus on control

      Husky will also be showcasing its latest hot runner and controller technologies for medical and automotive applications, two of China’s most dynamic and fastest growing plastics markets. Among the technologies on display will be Husky’s groundbreaking Ultra Helix™ valve gate nozzles, which provide gate quality that looks as clean as an ejector pin mark, lasts for millions of cycles, and is easier for mold makers to integrate into their designs, thereby eliminating the need to manufacture high-accuracy gates. Highlighting a continued commitment to the automotive market, Husky will introduce a new configuration of manifold systems designed for automotive lighting. These new systems provide the freedom to gate automotive lighting lenses on a variety of angles to suit the curvature of the lens surface, and because they use Husky’s proven Ultra Spring technology, come with a leak-proof guarantee. This new angled option joins the recently launched UNIFY™ pre-assembled manifold system in Husky’s expanding automotive hot runner portfolio. Both products are also available in a new all stainless steel version called LUCENT™ for the most demanding clear polycarbonate applications. Husky will also demonstrate the latest advancements in Altanium® controller technology, which enables precise temperature and valve stem motion control to produce superior parts and improve operational efficiency through intuitive process set up and advanced troubleshooting tools.

      About Husky —  Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. is a leading global supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. The company has more than 40 service and sales offices, supporting customers in over 100 countries. Husky’s manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, China, India and the Czech Republic. 

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