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    • Husky World Tour makes stop in Mexico – Specialty Closures Conference emphasizes Husky’s ability to provide specialty closures solutions that are flexible, scalable and reliable

      Release 2014-08-08

      BOLTON, Ontario - In June 2014, Husky Injection Molding Systems hosted the first event of its Husky World Tour for 2014 – a Specialty Closures Conference at its Technical Center in Cuajimalpa, Mexico. This small, intimate event featured in-depth presentations and discussions with nearly forty attendees, made up of both current and prospective customers.

      The one-day event included networking opportunities and presentations from industry experts, including Greg Lathrop from Unilever, Anthi Balafoutis from MMC Packaging, and Javier Ortiz from IHS Chemical, discussing current trends in the design and manufacture of Specialty Closures. Highlights from the event included technical presentations from Husky subject matter experts, covering topics such as Specialty closure mold technologies for complex applications and Using process and productivity monitoring to improve plant efficiencies. The technical presentations offered attendees insight into solutions to some of today’s most pertinent injection molding challenges, and demonstrated the latest technologies available from Husky that respond to these challenges.

      “The Husky World Tour event in Mexico was a great way for us to connect with our local customers, and featured great presentations, fantastic networking opportunities, and interesting, in-depth discussions,” said Husky’s Jaime Hernandez, General Manager, Latin America. “Focusing on specific topics of interest allowed us to really delve deeper into the current issues Specialty Closure manufacturers are facing and gain a better understanding of where Husky can position our solutions. The competitiveness of today’s market requires us to go above and beyond, and events like these provide a great opportunity for us to share the tools and insights we have as an industry-leading organization.”

      Husky also presented its comprehensive range of products and services to help specialty closure customers improve product quality, reduce variability and increase efficiency. Some of the highlights included SHOTSCOPE™ NX, Husky’s integrated process and production monitoring system, as well as Husky’s KTW™ molds, featuring EASYcube™ technology, which provides industry-leading uptime and reliability.

      “It was a pleasure to be part of such a stellar event. The networking opportunities were great, and all the presentations highlighted something new and exciting,” said Gadi Barqui, International Sales Director at MMC Packaging. “It is always impressive to see firsthand Husky’s level of excellence in their installations and in everything that they do. We can’t wait to attend the next Husky World Tour event.”

      The Husky World Tour 2014 is a series of global customer events taking place throughout the year, in various locations across the globe. With multiple events spanning multiple locations, the tour gives both current and prospective customers more direct access to Husky’s latest technologies at a local level, while providing targeted solutions to help customers reduce variability, improve part cost and increase productivity. Other Husky World Tour events are scheduled for 2014, including a Medical Conference in Shanghai in September, a Specialty Closures Conference in Bangkok in November, and a Beverage Packaging Conference in Casablanca in November.

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      About HuskyHusky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. is a leading global supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. The company has more than 40 service and sales offices, supporting customers in over 100 countries. Husky's manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Austria and China.

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