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    • Spend 45 minutes to save up to 80% on your resin costs

      Recorded: 2013-04-25

      Side-gating parts to eliminate cold runners and improve your gate quality Thursday April 25th at 2:00 PM EST Presented by Ed Parzyck, Medical Market Manager, Hot Runners In today's highly competitive production environment molders need to produce the highest quality parts in the most efficient way possible. Producing parts with cold runners is an inefficient and expensive process - cycle times are extended and scrap is produced with every cycle that directly affects your bottom line. Our webinar “Save Up to 80% On Your Resin Costs in 45 minutes” will discuss why direct side-gating parts with a hot runner is the easiest way reduce part cost, while achieving the required gate quality and part tolerances for precision components such as medical and technical parts. We will also examine how variability and risk can be minimized with side-gating technologies
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