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    • Eliminating Waste by Reducing Injection Molding Process Variability

      Recorded: 2012-09-27

      Variability can affect molders in many different ways; poor product quality can affect your bottom line, inconsistent parts, especially in the medical market, can be expensive, but could potentially injure someone or worse. New technologies and improvements in processing have provided molders the opportunity to take variability out of the injection molding process; helping to reduce waste, improve part quality and consistency. This webinar takes a detailed look at cavity-to-cavity variability and the effect on part quality. It highlights the benefits of taking a targeted system level approach to removing variability from the process and reviews hardware and software technologies that can make process variability reductions possible. At the end of this webinar you will have a better understanding of how variability affects your part quality and bottom line, but also how to reduce it as much as possible through process monitoring and technology improvements.
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