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    • Process Traceability - A Critical Component of Medical Molding

      Recorded: 2011-03-24

      Process and part traceability are critical elements for any medical device manufacturing operation. Medical device manufacturers are held to the highest levels of quality and traceability is a key component. One of the most important elements is having the necessary tools in place to provide automatic record keeping and electronic signatures. This webinar will explore the deployment of process and productivity software tailored to the injection molding process for medical devices. Experts will touch upon the components of the medical molding system that can help provide the highest quality parts with maximum productivity. Discussion will focus on high quality melt stream management from pellet to part, enabling enhanced process stability, improved repeatability and superior control that is required for the most challenging medical components. Through case studies and examples, the webinar will explore how process monitoring software can provide better part quality by establishing process control and improving process stability while supporting superior record keeping that meets industry guidelines.
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