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    • The Elimination of Waste Through Better Color Change

      Recorded: 2010-03-15

      As molders strive to become more competitive, the systematic elimination of waste has become more critical and all aspects of the injection molding process must be examined for cost containment opportunities. An area of focus for scrap reduction is often the color change process. Improving the color change process can help injection molders reduce their resin costs and improve part quality, thereby improving their profitability. Since color-change problems have always been considered inherent to hot runner design, the issues are not always well addressed. However, investigations into the root causes of extended color change times has yielded intriguing results. This Webinar reviews the basics of colorants and color change, the root causes of lengthy color changes, as well as the hardware and processing strategies used to improve color change. The discussion is supported with actual case studies of color change improvements.
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