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    • Husky lightweighting solutions honored with “Best Innovation Award” by Coca-Cola China

      Release 2010-12-09

      BOLTON, Ontario - Husky Injection Molding Systems has been recognized with the Best Innovation Award by Coca-Cola China. Xiuju Luan, CEO, COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Limited and Dan Coe, Chief Procurement Officer, China Bottlers Procurement Consortium presented the award to Husky representatives as part of Coca-Cola China’s Supplier Sustainability Summit that took place in Shanghai from November 23-24, 2010.

      The summit was attended by close to 150 representatives and allowed Coca-Cola China to present their 2020 Vision to suppliers, which focuses on addressing sustainability, environmental and social issues. The Best Innovation Award recognizes Husky for its support and innovation in working with Coca-Cola China on the development of various lightweighting projects.

      “Husky has been a highly respected long-term supplier to our growing business in China. The Best Innovation Award presented to Husky was for the development of their EcoBase" ™ preform, which helped us to progress our lightweighting initiatives in China to another level,” said Dan Coe, Chief Procurement Officer, China Bottlers Procurement Consortium. “What I really like about the EcoBase preform is that it is both an advance on the sustainable packaging front, as well as a way to help lower the cost of our packaging.”

      “We are delighted to have been honored with the Best Innovation Award from Coca-Cola China,” said Gerardo Chiaia, President, Husky Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Ongoing innovation is a priority for Husky and we are continuously looking at how to improve our products and services in ways that will better serve our customers’ needs and help them to be more sustainable.”

      About Husky — Husky Injection Molding Systems ( is a leading global supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. The company has more than 40 service and sales offices, supporting customers in over 100 countries. Husky's manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg and China.

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