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    • Husky enhances global customer support with more regional expertise and 24-hour parts shipment

      Release 2010-09-08

      BOLTON, Ontario - Husky Injection Molding Systems today announced significant new investments within its customer support network, reinforcing its commitment to providing the most responsive service and support in the industry. With an increased global field support network, additional beverage packaging system specialists, faster parts shipment and enhanced global call center capabilities, Husky is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to providing customers with services that maximize efficiency and productivity for the lifespan of Husky system solutions.

      “Customers expect nothing less than the best from Husky. We are doing our best to deliver on their expectations and are making significant new investments in our regional infrastructure so that we can more quickly and effectively respond to their needs around the world,” said Sean Weir, Husky’s General Manager of Global Customer Support. “Our goal is to deliver industry-leading service to our customers, in any region around the clock, strengthening the longstanding relationships we have developed.”

      Spare parts shipped within 24 hours
      To further reduce customer downtime, Husky is working to improve the order and delivery process of spare parts by increasing inventory levels in all regions and streamlining logistics, consolidating management of these activities into one global system. “We’ve heard a clear message from our customers that they need fast and reliable parts delivery. We are committed to meeting this need and our goal is to reduce the average shipping time so that all customers have their spare parts in transit within 24 hours of first contact,” said Weir.

      20% increase in global field support network
      Husky also plans to enhance its global field support network with a 20% increase in dedicated service and support technicians who are equipped with added resources, including a new global fleet of service vehicles outfitted with the necessary tools to ensure the fastest possible issue resolution. An increased local presence will give customers more immediate access to Husky technicians, who are able to be onsite faster, as well as provide more proactive service. Having a larger regional team in place will also improve responsiveness, allowing customers to achieve faster start-ups in addition to the highest levels of uptime possible.

      Global beverage packaging system specialists
      As an industry leader in beverage packaging, Husky is bringing capabilities closer to its customers by taking responsibility of the complete system, from resin to part, providing optimized support to maximize equipment efficiency. With the goal of ensuring an immediate, consistent level of support to customers worldwide, Husky is increasing the number of beverage packaging system specialists in each region. These specialists provide an enhanced level of expertise to assure systems are maximized for cycle times and part quality. The goal is to ensure a specialist is in a customer’s facility within 24 hours after a processing issue has been identified.

      Added call center capabilities
      To support its regional teams, Husky has invested in its network of professionals through improved technology and added resources for call center experts. Call centers will be more regionally aligned, so customers are dealing as much as possible with the same Husky expert. This enhanced local capability ensures an immediate, consistent and more intimate level of support to all customers. This also allows the company to resolve local issues with industry-leading speed and be increasingly proactive in identifying problems, so customers can run their operations more efficiently.

      Continuing to grow globally
      Husky has the industry’s largest Services and Sales network and is continuously investing in its global infrastructure to provide customers with shorter lead times, responsive local service and unmatched sales support. Over the last several years, Husky has expanded its global network to be closer to its customers. Initiatives include the groundbreaking for a new manufacturing facility in Chennai, India, the opening of a refurbishing center in Moscow, Russia, and expansion to its technical centers in Yokohama, Japan and Shanghai, China.

      About Husky — Husky Injection Molding Systems is a leading global supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. The company has more than 40 service and sales offices, supporting customers in over 100 countries. Husky's manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg and China. 

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