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    • Husky HyCAP system helps beverage closure manufacturers reduce costs, increase sustainability

      For release 2009-09-14

      MUNICH, Germany - Husky Injection Molding Systems today announced that at Drinktec 2009, it will be demonstrating its HyCAP™ high output injection molding system, specifically optimized for the needs of beverage closure manufacturing. Recently unveiled at NPE 2009, the HyCAP system offers the industry’s fastest cycles without sacrificing part quality or consistency.

      The 72-cavity HyCAP 300 system running on Husky’s booth (Hall B3, Booth 326) will be producing new, lightweight closures for carbonated soft drinks. Weighing 2.3 grams and running at less than 3.9 second cycles, this represents a significant improvement from the previous industry standard for this part, which is typically 2.8 to 3.0 grams at 4.8 to 6.0 second cycles. The new, lightweight closures, using the PCO 1881 design, will help beverage closure manufacturers increase the overall sustainability of their operations while significantly reducing resin costs.

      “HyCAP is an important part of Husky’s complete beverage packaging solution,” said Volker Neuber, Husky’s Vice President, Service and Sales, Europe, Middle East and Africa. “By looking at the complete package, we can help to facilitate better coordination of lightweighting initiatives for both the closure and preform. This integrated approach demonstrates Husky’s long-term, ongoing commitment to providing customers with leading technology that yields highly productive solutions.”

      Based on Husky’s proven Hylectric® injection machine platform, HyCAP is the result of refinements to the entire system that maximize speed, reliability and efficiency. Specific modifications have been made to accommodate the requirements of closure resins, which are often viscous and challenging to mold. Such enhancements help closure manufacturers achieve productivity levels that match or exceed alternate processes, providing tighter tolerances and more technical designs.

      Using HyCAP as the foundation, all aspects of the workcell have been seamlessly integrated as a complete solution in order to deliver these aggressive results – from resin handling and leading-edge tooling to optimized melt stream control and full inspection – all coordinated through Shotscope® NX, Husky’s process and production monitoring software.

      Husky’s HyCAP system is also ideally suited to meet the requirements of one-piece closures, which are growing in popularity for beverage packaging. One-piece closures typically require less resin to manufacture, making them not only more cost-effective, but also more sustainable. In addition, injection molded one-piece closures allow for tight part tolerances and flexibility with part design features.

      Drinktec 2009 system details:

      Machine: Husky HyCAP 300 RS95/80

      Mold: 72-cavity mold from z-moulds

      Part weight: 2.3 grams

      Cycle time: Less than 3.9 second cycles

      Resin: Dow HDPE MFI 2

      Auxiliaries: Intravis vision inspection system, Greenbox, Eckel & Sohn, MB Conveyor

      About Husky — Husky Injection Molding Systems ( is a leading global supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. The company has more than 40 service and sales offices, supporting customers in over 100 countries. Husky's manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg and China. 

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