PRONTO Hot Runners

Configurable hot runners with superior performance at an unbeatable value

    • Step 3: Pitch spacing

      • Same pitch spacing requirements as our custom systems
      • Pitch spacing is dependent on nozzle size and gating style
      • Allows for standard design and components
    • step3-pitch-spacing
    • Pitch flexibility

      Pitch locations for one and two drop PRONTO systems are fully flexible and can be rotated about the injection point

    • Pitch locations for four drop PRONTO systems are available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical configurations.

      Asymmetrical layouts still require injection to be located at the center of the mold. Drop locations must feature the same dimensions in two different quadrants.


      (Click to enlarge)

    • For systems with 12 or more drops, pitch spacing (vertical and horizontal) must be equal. Spacing across the sprue (0,0) may vary.

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