Aftermarket Services

Value-added services to increase system performance, uptime and reliability

    • Encore offers structured upgrade solutions to extend the productive life of your existing Husky equipment

    • Encore™ is our structured upgrade program providing the latest technology and equipment enhancements to your Husky machines. These improvements address performance and reduce your overall manufacturing costs – helping ensure your continued competitiveness.

      Why upgrade your injection molding machine with Encore?
      • Maximizes productivity of your Husky machines
      • Higher precision technology leads to better part quality
      • Replacing obsolete parts with latest technology improves uptime
      • New parts are often less costly and include a one-year warranty
      • Extends machine’s productive life, allowing you to remain competitive
      • Maximizes your system cavitation, providing multiple mold capability
    • Our Encore Program offers three options, customized to fit your needs:

      Maintenance Series

      The Maintenance Series (MS) upgrade addresses maintenance and reliability issues associated with older Husky equipment that has become prone to performance problems and unplanned wear failures. This series primarily addresses critical spare parts obsolescence issues.

      Maintenance Series Plus

      The Maintenance Series Plus (MS+) upgrade addresses more maintenance and reliability issues than the standard Maintenance Series program. Maintenance Series Plus upgrades include technology (e.g. Polaris™ Control and servo valves), which enables improved performance. This series is suitable for systems where faster cycle times or better than like-new performance is desired without the need for increased cavitation production.

      Performance Series

      The Performance Series (PS) upgrade is targeted at improving existing system performance to better than original condition. This includes implementing appropriate technology to effectively modernize existing equipment.

      This option maximizes existing system value and can allow for compatibility with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Encore Performance Series is available only for PET preform applications. This premium upgrade package will address all spare parts obsolescence and improve system performance by raising the capability of the complete molding system. Encore Performance Series can also support the implementation of higher cavitation molds.

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