Aftermarket Services

Value-added services to increase system performance, uptime and reliability

    • Automated, real-time, web-based solution

    • Shotscope™ NX is an integrated process and production monitoring system that provides a real-time snapshot of information to help control and improve your processes while optimizing your overall factory productivity.

      This web-based solution lets you to monitor machines or plants from anywhere in the world. With this capability you will be able to respond faster to problems so that you can improve your process efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

      Along with providing real-time data, Shotscope NX also archives historical data by automatically capturing all process and production information in a permanent record to provide you with 100% production and process traceability.

    • husky-shotscope-nx-software-scheduler

      Shotscope NX benefits include:

      • Improved part quality by establishing process control and superior process stability
      • Improved OEE
        • Improved cycle time repeatability
        • Reduced machine downtime
        • Reduced scrap by improving part quality
      • Boosts plant utilization through simplified reporting and expedited information
      • Increases percentage of on-time deliveries through simplified plant scheduling
      • Provides the necessary information to make fast, well-informed business decisions
    • Shotscope NX features include:

      • Intuitive shot profile graphs with overlay capabilities
      • SPC charting for both process variables and dimensional measurements
      • Job scheduling/production planning
      • Preventative maintenance tracking for both machine and mold
      • Automatic email messaging for process and production violations
      • Remote Polaris Control screen viewing
      • MRP/ERP system data exchange
      • Multi-plant monitoring capabilities
      • System security integrates with company network and domain (active directory)
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