Consumer Electronics

Helping you bring products to market faster

    • The perfect hot runner for consumer electronics

    • husky-consumer-electronics-hot-runner-nozzles

      Husky hot runners are ideal for producing precision consumer electronics components with minimal variability. Our hot runners can withstand high pressures and provide the consistent temperatures required for the most demanding consumer electronics applications.

      Our global manufacturing capabilities allow us to support large tooling projects and accommodate the short product lifecycles common to your industry.

    • Tooling programs

      Husky can help you manage your global tooling program and get your products to market faster by providing hot runner and controllers tailored to each specific application. This is backed by our strong local technical support, spare parts availability and engineering consultation services. Our experience and understanding of the entire part manufacturing process ensures a smooth integration.

    • Parts first approach

      Our parts first approach helps you bring products to market faster. We use software tools that have been specifically developed by Husky engineers for injection molding applications. We also offer resin recommendation and testing, flow simulation and tooling design consultation

      Lower part cost

      Our hot runners maximize productivity, allow easy maintenance and come with a leakproof guarantee, which promotes increased uptime. Process consistency, precise temperature control and consistent thermal profiles on nozzles and manifolds ensure superior quality parts – resulting in lower scrap rates and reduced secondary operations.

      High pressure technology

      Our Ultra nozzles have high pressure capabilities – up to 40,000 psi (2,700 bar) – essential to achieving the increasingly thinner walls and higher outputs required for consumer electronics. Our nozzle tips are engineered to reduce wear on the cavity interface and contoured manifold pockets with integrated pillars reduce plate deflection to prolong mold life.

      Extensive customer support

      Our customer support team can help you from initial part design, through to resin testing, mold construction and production. Our locally-based service and sales network is available 24/7 for spare parts and technical support.

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