Expert Husky services designed to optimize operational excellence

    • Factory Planning and Optimization

    • Typically used by customers exploring the feasibility of plant expansion, relocation, consolidation or those looking to build a new facility, Husky’s factory planning and optimization study uses a structured approach to create a roadmap for your molding business that will help maximize efficiencies and build flexibility into the future.

      Factory planning and optimization defines a long-term manufacturing strategy that can be used to direct and prioritize business decisions. This proven methodology has formed the foundation for hundreds of new and existing plant improvement projects and is at the core of Husky’s “Factory as a System” philosophy. A structured approach is used for:
      • Data collection, interpretation and team building
      • Capacity planning
      • Primary equipment, tooling and workcell development
      • Molding machine hall layout
      • Infrastructure optimization and process utility services design
      • Logistics and product flow
      • Plant layout and product handling
      • Outlining specifications of all auxiliary and process utility services equipment
      • Plant simulation, concept validation
      • Financial evaluation
      Manufacturing optimization engineers focus on business objectives thoroughly evaluating different facility and infrastructure options and equipment strategies to maximize operating efficiency, including:
      • Workcell design
      • Equipment standardization
      • Process and utility services
      • Resin handling and distribution
      • Product handling and inventory
      • Plant layout and design
      • Environment – HVAC
      • Outline specifications
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