HyPET Systems

Flexible preform injection molding systems for every application and volume

    • Variety of HyPET options to satisfy all of your preform molding needs

    • husky-hypet-system-hpp
      HyPET with High Performance Package (HPP)

      Should you require a system capable of the highest possible outputs, we offer the High Performance Package (HPP), which provides up to 20% faster cycle times. HPP is the result of advancements to every area of the preform molding system, including hot runner, mold, robot, injection unit, clamp and auxiliary equipment.

      HyPET® HPP systems deliver:
      • High production capacity that is proven and reliable
      • Reduced variability and increased part quality
      • Preform lightweighting by enabling thinner-wall sections
      • Lowest energy consumption per part produced
      • Integrated system that is easy to operate and gets up and running faster
      • Productivity improvements that further reduce the cost of PET packaging
    • By optimizing melt stream from pellet to part, our HyPET system provides higher preform quality and increased ability to mold preforms with thinner walls. This allows you to consider PET as a packaging material for a wider range of applications.

    • Barrier module for HyPET HPP5

      Husky’s multi-layer barrier module is now available with the HyPET® HPP5 system, offering up to 50% savings on barrier material costs. Co-injection technology currently available on the market can be difficult to operate, and often requires frequent and costly maintenance. Our barrier solution provides the highest capability, offering the packaging community an integrated manufacturing solution for PET preforms that is more financially attractive than alternative materials such as HDPE, cartons, and even glass. We offer the ability to produce parts with the right performance, at the lowest cost, while effectively controlling risks – ensuring the minimum amount of barrier material needed to achieve the target shelf life.

      Our barrier solution delivers:
      • Highest ever system capability and the ability to produce parts with low barrier content – Husky can produce multi-layer preforms at 2.5% and 1% barrier, saving you up to 50% on barrier material costs
      • Increased capability to precisely dose and distribute barrier material – Husky can produce a range of only 0.5%, compared to the current industry average of 1.5%
      • Advanced melt delivery system with our Stratus hot runner – delivers unrivaled balance with only two melt splits
      • Flexibility – compatibility with mono-layer and multi-layer tooling, ensuring full utilization of existing assets
      Barrier module for HyPET HPP5  
    • HyPET Recycled Flake (RF) system

      Husky’s HyPET Recycled Flake (RF) system is specifically designed for manufacturing preforms with high percentages of food-grade recycled PET flake, with no compromise in cycle times or throughputs. The end result is a molding platform that can lower the cost and environmental impact of PET as a packaging material without sacrificing system performance or compromising part quality.

      HyPET RF systems deliver:
      • In-line melt filtration
      • Reduced variability and increased part quality
      • Lowest energy consumption per part produced
      • Easy operation though Polaris Control
      • Industry’s only product optimized specifically for making preforms with recycled PET
      • Fully integrated workcells to get up and running faster and keep running more efficiently
    • husky-pet-flex-mold
      Flex Mold

      Flex Mold is a flexible, low cavitation PET preform mold that reduces both conversion costs and mold changeover time. Flex Mold helps you expand into new markets by allowing you to pursue smaller opportunities, such as market introductions or short-run promotional bottles that can be difficult to consider using conventional preform molds.

      Available in eight, 16 or 24 cavities, Flex Mold is ideal if you are producing lower volumes (producing between five to 30 million units each year) or if you produce a range of preforms with the same neck finish.

    • Preform design and development

      Husky develops preform designs that are customized for your specific application needs. We ensure each design is optimized for product performance, tooling flexibility, part weight and injection molding cycle times. Our dedicated global centers enable the development of new preform designs quickly and cost-effectively.

    • husky-ecobase-preform
      EcoBase preform design
      To help improve your environmental footprint and reduce resin usage, Husky has developed the EcoBase preform design, yielding significant resin savings. This preform technology incorporates a uniquely shaped base that provides several benefits, including:
      • Weight reduction of the overall preform by between 2-2.5%
      • Better material distribution in the base of the bottle
      • Improved bottle mechanical performance
      • Requires minimal changes to the injection molding system (new cores, core cooling tubes, gate inserts, EOAT cooling inserts)
      • In most cases, no hardware changes to the blowing machine are required, making integration into existing molds easy to facilitate
      • Available for a wide range of beverage applications
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