Aftermarket Services

Value-added services to increase system performance, uptime and reliability

    • Extending the life of your existing Husky machines

    • An injection molding machine’s performance naturally decreases over time due to component wear, aging and loss of calibration. Degradation typically occurs at an average rate of 1% each year. Husky machine audits perform a gap analysis on your system. This allows us to recommend actions that will restore your machinery to like-new condition.

      Machine audit and refurbishing are performed by certified Husky technicians and help to minimize degradation, maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and are valuable tools that provide insight into running your machines at peak performance.

        Upon audit completion we provide a final detailed report that includes a summary of system issues and findings. A review meeting is scheduled to confirm refurbishment action items. We also provide:
      • Recommendations for short-term and long-term solutions
      • Cost evaluation for improvement opportunities
      • Detailed machine risk assessment chart


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