Thinwall Packaging

Improving part quality while lowering part cost

    • HyPAC systems – optimized for demanding packaging applications

    • Our HyPAC™ system has been specifically designed and optimized for thinwall packaging applications, delivering faster cycles and lower part costs with minimal part variability. Based on our proven Hylectric platform, HyPAC offers superior clamp performance, industry-leading injection acceleration rates and better mold protection.

    • husky-hypac-packaging-gate-mold

      When HyPAC is combined with an Ultra Packaging hot runner, the system provides complete melt stream control. This control results in an optimized system that provides consistent force, melt and temperature across the mold, resulting in improved throughput, lighter parts and less scrap.

      With Polaris™ Control the entire workcell – from machine to mold to auxiliaries – can be easily managed from a single touchscreen.