Expert Husky services designed to optimize operational excellence

    • Plant Flow Simulation

    • Husky provides a simulation of a factory’s current state targeting machines, molds and secondary operations – to provide a vision of the future state, under different possible scenarios. The model simulates the production of injection molded parts, complete mold changes and assembled products as required for a one-year period. Variables like mold change time, inventory, machine breakdown/reliability, mold cavitation and cycle time are compared.

      Benefits and deliverables
      • Identification of current factory bottlenecks that inhibit on-time delivery
      • Understanding of the current state production facility and the impact on production growth
      • Effects of seasonality
      • Run time model of the software
      Scope of work
      Collection of historical data including:
      • All product information (molds, cavitation, cycle times, BOM)
      • Machine information
      • Shipping schedule by SKU for a one-year period
      • Production schedules
      • Annual volumes/quantities
      • Secondary/assembly operations speeds
      • Scrap and machine breakdown information
      • Simulation of the current state
      • Scenario testing of defined variables
      • Identification of improvement opportunities for further study
      • Final report of current state
      Injection molders who would benefit
      • Molders who are experiencing production growth
      • Molders who need to optimize inventory levels to meet demand
      • Molders who are considering purchasing new machines
      • Molders who want to gain an understanding of the interdependencies in the factory