Altanium Mold Controllers

The injection molding industry’s easiest to use, most accurate mold controllers

    • Altanium Matrix2™ temperature controller

    • Our ALTANIUM MATRIX2™ freestanding hot runner controller (and optional ULTRASYNC-E™ controller) provides accurate temperature control in a flexible, scalable modular design. ALTANIUM MATRIX2™ is ideal for medical and other applications where part quality is critical. ALTANIUM®'s Active Reasoning Technology (ART) optimizes thermal performance for each heater, which provides superior temperature control in each zone. ALTANIUM MATRIX2™ features a 19” touchscreen for an increased viewing and navigation experience, and includes multiple user selectable digital I/O signals as standard.

      ALTANIUM MATRIX2™ features:
      • Power Deviation Alarm for plastic leak detection
      • Advanced Mold Diagnostics and troubleshooting
      • Process Data recording, including event logging
      • Unlimited mold set-up storage
      • Storage for images and documents
      • Multi role security

      A variety of enclosures are available for the ALTANIUM MATRIX2™ controller.

      Mold mount

      Our mold mount enclosure allows the controller to be directly mounted to the mold, reducing the cost of cables and required floor space. Mold mount is patented technology that can be used on low and high cavitation hot runners and is controlled using a remotely mounted operator interface.

      External machine mount

      The external mold mount is attached to the exterior of the injection molding machine. This mount increases flexibility and floor space savings and is compatible with all ALTANIUM® controllers.

      Free standing

      Our free standing enclosures are compact and compatible with controllers up to 254 zones. These wheeled, mobile units can easily be moved for molding environments that need the flexibility of free moving equipment.

      Technical Specifications
      Operating Ambient Temperature:

      32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)

      Storage Temperature:

      -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)


      0 to 95% RH, non-condensing

      Input Power:

      1-Ph + E (3 wire) 200-240 VAC

      3-Ph + E (4 wire) 200-240 VAC

      3-Ph + N + E (5 wire) 380-415 VAC

      Other voltages require an input supply transformer (Supply requirements for functional integrity 190 to 240 VAC)

      Frequency Range:

      50/60 Hz, +/- 5%

      Measurement Accuracy:

      ±1.0°F (0.5°C) for the range 32°F to 932°F (0°C to 500°C)


      Standard (using a NIST traceable thermocouple source)

      Cold Junction Error:

      ±1.0°F (0.5°C) @ 77°F (25°C) typically

      Temperature Stability:

      ±0.1°F (0.05°C) / °F (°C) from ambient

      Control Stability:

      ±1 digit - under steady state conditions

      Tuning Method:

      Active Reasoning Technology (ART) or Manual PID control

      Thermocouple Inputs:

      Grounded or Ungrounded Type J standard (Type K optional)

      - Sensor break and reverse detection

      - Upscale failure mode

      - High impedance input with zone to zone isolation

      Heater Outputs:

      - All zones rated at 240 VAC (Other Voltages Optional)

      - 16 Amps per zone standard (20 or 30 Amps Optional)

      - Short circuit protection for each zone (both legs fused)


      Open Circuit Heater; Open Circuit Fuse(s); High and Low Temperature; Open, Shorted or Reversed Thermocouple(s) Ground Fault