Altanium Hot Runner Temperature Controllers

Designed to provide the industry’s most consistent part quality

    • The injection molding industry’s most accurate temperature controllers

    • husky-altanium-matrix-neo-comp
      Available from two to 254 zones

      Husky’s Altanium™ temperature controllers provide the most accurate temperature control in the industry. They also feature easy-to-use navigation on full color screens and are available in a variety of configurations that can be implemented in any injection molding environment.

      All Altanium controllers use Active Reasoning Technology (ART), providing optimized control for greater shot-to-shot and cavity-to-cavity consistency and repeatability. ART delivers tighter control and minimized variability through best-in-class power output delivery, fully isolated thermocouple inputs and industry-leading thermocouple sample rates that ensure the integrity of temperature readings.

      The Intelligent Control Card (ICC2) is standard equipment with all Altanium controllers. These cards are completely interchangeable across the entire product line and come with a full two-year warranty.

      Altanium Neo2™ controller – cost effective, simple to use controller for two to 48 zones

      Altanium Delta3™ controller – premium performance at an affordable price for up to 128 zones

      Altanium Matrix2™ controller – high-end feature set with a large user interface for up to 254 zones