• Husky introduces Unify Manifold Systems at Chinaplas 2014

    Unify Manifold Systems provide a simple, one-step installation of the hot runner manifold into a mold, saving up to 70% installation time

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  • Take a closer look at HyPET® HPP5

    Our latest HyPET HPP5 system offers up to 12% productivity improvement over the previous generation

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  • Husky completes acquisition of Schöttli

    Husky has completed the acquisition of the Schöttli Group of Diessenhofen, Switzerland, recognized as a global leader in medical and closure mold making

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  • Next generation PRONTO® manifold systems

    Easier to configure, faster delivery, improved thermal consistency and now guaranteed leakproof

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  • Altanium Delta3™

    Premium functionality for up to 128 zones and at an affordable price

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  • All new Ultra G-PET™ hot runner

    Latest Ultra hot runner technology manufactured specifically for G-PET and X-Line systems reduces lifecycle costs by up to 50%

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  • Husky wraps up World Tour 2013

    We have wrapped up our first-ever year-long World Tour. The tour included more than 15 events held in nine different countries and saw more than 600 companies attend

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